The prime objective of CDE was to bring together the finest of the People when it comes to Architects, Designers & Planners in order to give the best solution in the services it offers. The belief at CDE is that Design is the most valuable input that can be made to any organization & Good Design has a major contribution in the manner in which the organization is reflected both to its people & its clients. CDE supports the organizations to achieve the same through its team of dedicated professionals who have immense expertise in their respective fields.


CDE Architects are trained & experienced not only in the design and construction of the built environment, but also in endeavours ranging from conceptual problem-solving to project management.


CDE Designers while making the optimal use of their good creative skills, imagination and artistic talent offer the full range of standard design services which apart from interior and landscape design includes schematic design & design development


The Planners at CDE are involved in formulating policies guiding urban and environmental initiatives, and in managing the social, environmental and economic impacts of development using their reasoning and analytical skills thereby making valuable contributions to the wider emergent professional roles.


Never limited by a single design style, nor led by the transience of fleeting trends, our designs range from traditional to eclectic to progressive to contemporary. No matter the style, we are recognized for the ability to transform dreams into unique environments, providing timeless elegance and comfort for hoteliers and guests, resorts and restaurants. Our team of multi-skilled, dedicated professionals pays strict attention not only to aesthetics, but also to budget, timelines, and functionality and market requirements: and perform extensive research on the history of the project’s location, people & environment. By incorporating these factors into the overall design concept and intent, we at CDE create hotels and restaurants with unique sense of identity and grace.


The Retail Environment is constantly evolving, and an even more sophisticated customer is the driving force behind it. In order to develop effective In-store solutions, Brands, Retailers and Designers need to work together to address the needs of their shared audience.
We at CDE have over 38 years experience, working with leading Brands and Retailers, we have an approach which sees customers understanding at the core of everything we do. This puts us in a unique position to bring together a retail partnership and offer a unique approach to retail interiors. Our aim is not just to meet brand objectives, but to enhance the retail environment and most importantly, to create a link between the product and the customer.
Over many years CDE has worked successfully with a fair number of the country’s leading brands & retailers. Our consumer oriented approach, strategic design, and design management has made us an ideal retail partnership.


CDE is made up of various specialists with integrated divisions. Together we provide a complete service from conceptual design, through to implementation procedures.
Our teams are made up of multi-skilled individuals, many of whom have experience in many different faucets of retail interiors. With a strategic mindset and an understanding of brands, our team offers a consistent and dedicated resource on retail projects.
Planning is at the heart of all our work, enabling us in creating and implementing an effective design for a project. As a result we have a strong design led culture throughout every stage of the project development.


At CDE, we combine innovation and free thinking with a practical understanding of effective retail solutions.
Our approach in design is not purely a scientific one, but we rely on in-store observations, interpretations and the creative inspiration of our experienced team. With this knowledge at the forefront of our work, we are able to establish a link between a product and the customer through a strategic design.
The complementary team of designers at our studio ensures that design is value engineered through materials and construction. A detailed knowledge of production techniques enables initial concepts to become real designs combining functionality with creativity.


Our design management team works in tandem with our design developers and prepares costing plans, compiles tender documents; interact with various consultants involved on the project. The results are a one stop design solution within projected cost parameters.
With over 25 years of experience on various projects both nationally and internationally, we are in a position of identifying the ideal vendors/contracting agency for the retail project. Our experience helps us in preparing realistic bar-charts, in consultation with the identified vendors for the project. Our team is trained to anticipate potential logistical problems and hence works closely with the identified vendors and overcome problems.
Close liaison with other agencies ensures creative design and quality manufacturing on a project.