About Us

Centre for Design Excellence, is Bangalore based architecture, interior design& planning firm instituted in 1997, by a team of experienced architects and designers. In October 2003,CDE reconstituted into a private limited company.

The company’s mission is clear and its intent inherent in every project executed – to provide excellence in all design related endeavors; from concept to completion of a project. The firm truly believes in design excellence; the work is poetic without being fancy…and the beauty lies in the fact that they let the spaces narrate their own stories. Basic yet beautiful, efficient yet effective, constrained yet creative – these paradigms would best describe the works of CDE.


Center for Design Excellence – the name speaks volumes about thecompany’s intent; it is obvious that the founders consider designto be one of the most valuable resources available to their business.At first glance this appears to be a firm that by name and intentstresses purely on design excellence; however further scrutinyshows how their excellence lies not just in the design, but efficientresource management – be it the space they design or thebudgetary constraints they need to adhere to.


The key personnel of the company are Architect and Planner MilindNulkar, a graduate from the Academy Of Architecture, Mumbai. Hehas additionally done his masters in Urban and Rural Planning fromUniversity of Roorkee. The CEO of the company is Architect AnandPuri, a Bachelor of Science from Mumbai University and a graduatefrom Academy of Architecture, Mumbai.


CDE has a well balanced design panel that offers services in varioussectors such as hospitality, retail, industrial projects, and mixed used developments. The genre, however, in which they leave the most lastingimpact, is the hospitality sector.


The firm is active on home ground Bangalore and the Southern zone,but its style is not bounded by any regional influences and ispredominantly an adaptive style spanning from classic to eclectic

to contemporary. In their works what’s exciting isthe design style that did not have a signature statement in materialor architectural style, nor was it inspired; rather it was fluid in thesense that it molded itself to suit the settings, space and resources.

CDE’s style can best be described as Contextual, lending a uniqueidentity to each space they design and very progressive.Our values centered around providing our clients solutions which are not only unique, contemporary and multifunctional, but also at the same time simplistic, cost effectiveness and practical.Our evolutionary designs are a result of constant innovation.


“Our aim is to satisfy the client’s needs, and give him something more than what he asks for; this time and again has given the clienta reason to come back to us. At CDE, we can utilize space optimally,and yet create a spacious, comfortable and relaxing environmentfor the guest. The functional needs are to be addressed first, andwe are forever trying to work out options that are space-effectivefirst – form and aesthetics follow subsequently,” believes Anand.

Being an architect myself, this thought evoked within me an emotionbeyond that of design; it instilled a sense of responsibility that wearchitects and designers need to have towards a client and eventhe society at large. Projects aren’t mere fantasies that we design,but they are ‘realities that we build’.

The Directors

Mr. Milind Nulkar - MD

  • Diploma in Architecture from Academy of Architecture, Mumbai.
  • Master of Urban & Rural Planning from University of Roorkee
  • Associate Member of Institute of Town Planners (ITPI)
  • Registered Architect with Council of Architecture, India
  • Member of practicing Architect’s Association
  • Member of IIID
  • Had Taught at the School of Development Planning under University of Pune where he was a research associate from 1979-1982.
  • He has written technical papers in technical magazines.
  • He is covered by leading magazines in India in the field of Architecture and Interior Design.


  • Bachelor of Science from University of Mumbai
  • B. Arch from Academy of Architecture, Mumbai
  • Registered Architect with Council of Architecture, India
  • Practicing Architect
  • Has worked on various Architectural & Interior assignments in various capacities all over India & Internationally


  • Bachelor of Architecture from R.V.C.E, Bangalore.
  • Masters in Interior Design from  I.E.D College, Milan(Italy)
  • Practicing Architect & Interior Designer.
  • Has worked on concept level developments in various fields of design and projects.
  • Had an exhibition of his works in Milan Italy at a prestigious interior design event held for upcoming young designers.
  • Awarded Runners up  in “Best interior design in a residential space” at Master Craftsman Awards 2016 by TOTO for young Architects.


  • Hosts (H&FS) Exhibition 2006 – Gold Medal for the best interior design solution in the hospitality segment
  • Hosts (H&FS) Exhibition 2009 – Acknowledged as the “Most Innovative Design & Most Cost Effective Design Solution”.
  • Satya Sai Convention Centre 2006 – Best Convention Centre in Bangalore completed in record time of 100 days.
  • Windflower Resort and Spa at Coorg, Designed by us was awarded “The International Hotel Award (UK)”- Asia Pacific’s most prestigious “Hospitality Award” Supported by Bloomberg Television and Google for Best Resort in India.
  • Franchise India – Certified and ranked us as one of the top 35 retailers in India  during the annual survey.